Manual Coagulometer - Double Channel


Test items: PT, APTT, FIB, Coagulation Factors


The system starts upon reagent addition and stops with the coagulation of the sample.

All results are automatically calculated and then displayed and printed.

Electronic linkage pipette, which has manual or automatic selection


The opto-mechanical measuring system

Circulating magnet underneath the cuvette causes a steel spheres to rotate. This sphere optimises the gentle mixing of sample which results in uniform coagulation. All sensors in the measuring system are protected from becoming soiled.


Preincubation block

12 samples position at 37°C ± 0,1


The evaluation

The measuring results are displayed % INR, Ratio, mg/dl, g/l or seconds. All programs are stored with personalized parameters.

Technical Charecteristics:
Internal printer
RS232 port
Normal working temperature range:10℃~30℃
Pre-warming time:around 15 minutes(from room temperature 20℃ to 37℃)
Measure precision:≤5%
Channel coherence:≤5%
Linear precision:|R|≥0.97
Working voltage:AC220V
Input power:60W

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